Back in the day.. years a go, me and the boys played in this band.
It was fun, we played a lot of shows, released some music.
Personally… I don’t like where I was then, musically. I hate my tone. I shouldn’t sing. Etc, etc.
Our other guitarist had a great voice, luckily.

Ben Jahn, Guitar and Vocals

Myself, Guitar and Vocals

Geoff Larson, Bass and Vocals

Justin Sorensen, Percussion

Nick Vincent-Maloney, Drums

Andy Fuller, Turntables

Anyway, here are a couple select tracks that are fun.
GDW – single take (unreleased)

Gestapo Neighbors – single take (unreleased)

Mouncer – single take (unreleased)


If you love it, records are still avaliable, I think.